1-Year-Old Girl Wakes from Coma as Doctors Got Ready to Turn Off Life Support

Last September, 1-year-old Marwa was rushed to the hospital La Timone in Marseille, France due to a viral infection but because the virus had attacked her nervous system, leading to severe neurological problems, the doctors had her placed in a medically induced coma to increase her chances of survival.

But when months passed and Marwa didn’t wake up, doctors told the shocked parents that there’s no chance she would wake up and if she did, she’d be facing a lot of developmental and health problems; thus, they advised for the girl to be taken off life support.

Photo credit: Jamais sans Marwa / Facebook
Photo credit: Jamais sans Marwa / Facebook

Marwa’s parents were not about ready to give up on her, however; so, they went to court to request that the hospital extend Marwa’s deadline. They also posted an online petition which had gathered over 114,000 signatures.

Marwa is currently admitted to the hospital La Timone in Marseille on life support and may be disconnected and lose her life, despite the progress and visible improvement since her admission: Consciousness, movement, and recognition,” the petition read, in French.

They brought a copy of the petition to the court. Thankfully, the court ruled in their favor; though not by much. They were given two more months to be with their daughter but after that, she would be taken off life support just as the doctors had recommended.

Photo credit: Jamais sans Marwa / Facebook
Photo credit: Jamais sans Marwa / Facebook

It wasn’t a huge win but Marwa’s parents were happy with the short extension – and they were ecstatic when 10 days later, Marwa woke up! It really was a good thing that the court granted the extension!

To date, Marwa is still confined at the hospital but her parents are glad that she’s now awake and would readily respond to them, even smiling at times. Her future remains uncertain and, at this point, it was impossible to tell what skills she would regain but her parents are just glad that she’s alive and that they had won the battle…

Bonsoir à tous voici la dernière vidéo de notre petite Marwa je voudrais juste M'adresser aux personnes qui n'ont pas encore signer la pétition de le faire rapidement SVP sur https://www.change.org/p/la-timone-marseille-jamais-sans-marwa?recruiter=155087990 avec nous remerciement D'avance car Marwa a toujours besoin de votre soutien . Les parents

Posted by Jamais sans Marwa on Thursday, December 1, 2016

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