12-Year-Old Boy Goes Blind in One Eye, Gets Finger Blown Off after Phone Explodes in His Hand

A 12-year-old nearly lost his life after his cellphone exploded in his hand. The boy was saved after undergoing a 5-hour operation but is now blind on his right and had lost the index finger on his right hand. He also broke a rib.

Meng Jisu of Guangxi Province, southern China, received a 2-year-old China-made Hua Tang VT-V59 phone from an uncle who had bought himself a new phone. The boy was excited about his ‘new’ phone but little did they know that it was a ticking time bomb.

Photo credit: Oriental Daily

Jisu’s dad had charged the phone in the bedroom. Later on, Jisu went to retrieve it but the phone exploded in his hand, immediately blasting his right index finger off and breaking his rib. The boy’s face was also filled with shrapnel, with several embedded in his right eye.

His sister heard an explosion in Jisu’s room. She ran there and found an unconscious Jisu lying in a pool of blood.

Photo credit: Oriental Daily

The family quickly rushed Jisu to the hospital. The chief physician at the local People’s Hospital, Lan Tianbing, confirmed that the boy’s right hand was so badly damaged in the blast that there was nothing they can do to reconnect the severed finger. They also had to work hard to restore circulation to the rest of his fingers as he was in danger of getting all his fingers amputated.

While the doctors believe Jisu would regain 98% function of his right hand, his right eye will be completely blind. His broken rib will be healed in time.

Photo credit: Oriental Daily

The boy’s sad plight has raised awareness among parents to limit their kids’ usage of cellphones. Everyone is also warned not to use phones while charging; although Jisu wasn’t using the charging phone but actually just removing it from the socket when the explosion happened.