13-Year-Old Student Attempts to End Her Life After Her Teacher Accused Her of Stealing

A 13-year-old student from SMK Methodist in Sitiawan, Malaysia, Nibong Tebal was declared brain-**** and is now on life support after she attempted to end her life due to theft allegations.

The poor student was named Vasanthapiriya; according to World of Buzz, she was harassed by her three teachers. They called her into a room and questioned her where the other teacher’s iPhone 6. was She was also threatened by the teacher’s husband to file a police report if she did not admit the allegations.

Image: World of Buzz

The teachers did not allow her to eat or go to the comfort room for the 5 hours when she was locked inside the room. Her friends also explained to their teachers that she did not steal the phone.

Later that day, one teacher together with her husband drove the student back to the house to meet her parents. As soon as they reached their home, she ran straight to her room while the student’s parents and the couple were trying to fix the issue.

The student used a shawl and then tried to end her life by hanging her self on an air-conditioner piping. Her father discovered what she did because she did not answer any of his calls.

Luckily she was alive but remains unconscious. She was declared brain-**** by the doctors and added that the girl suffered from organ failures.

She left a note saying “Teacher, I did not take your phone,” and her final goodbyes to her parents and grandmother.

Image: World of Buzz

“There are attempts to shift the blame to the girl and the father when it is the teacher who caused this. We are providing legal assistance and also morally supporting the family at the moment and we will ensure the girl gets justice,” Malaysian Tamilar Kural secretary Satees Muniandy said in an interview with Malaysiakini.

Police are still investigating this case.

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