14-Year-Old Boy Earns $10k Selling Toys He Bought During Family Vacation to China! What a Clever Boy…

While visiting China to enjoy famous tourist spots like the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China, 14-year-old Will Deeth did not just have fun, he also had something else in mind: to start a small business when he gets back home.

Photo credit: Shanghaiist
Photo credit: Shanghaiist

With a starting capital of $2,500, Deeth bought lots of toys during that family vacation. Once they arrived back at their home in Australia, the boy sold the toys to his friends as well as on eBay. Since it was Christmas season and everyone was enjoying the shopping rush, Deeth’s toys were sold out in just 1 week!

What’s even more incredible is that the boy made a profit of $10,000 from the toys he bought from China and sold in Australia! He was so pleased with his new business that Deeth hopes to continue importing toys from China – and judging from the positive response he got from his customers and the huge profit he made, he just might be well on his way to becoming a business tycoon at such a young age.

Photo credit: Shanghaiist
Photo credit: Shanghaiist

Truly, he’s a clever boy – and a lucky one, too!

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