Each one of us will eventually die, of course, but the manner of death differs from one person to another. There are some people who die “ordinary” deaths, such as passing away in their sleep or because of a medical condition yet there are those who die in the weirdest ways.

Many of these people have become famous after their death because of the way they died, even if they were just ordinary people when they were still alive.

There are some people who would prefer dying in the weirdest way, just to be out of the ordinary. After all, we are bound to die someday – why not die with a “bang”? What a morbid yet funny topic to discuss. LOL

Anyway, there is this video made by YouTube user Top Trending compiling the 15 strangest ways people have died. Of course, there are probably lots of other people who died in weird ways but these are some of those who top the bill.

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