15-Year-Old Boy Rescues Drowning Old Woman Being Ignored by Other Motorists

An elderly woman got trapped by the rushing rainwater on a street in Parkersburg, West Virginia while she was driving during a storm. With her car immobile in the rushing water, the panic-stricken grandma tried to call the attention of other passing motorists yet no one seemed to have any time to help her out.

Trapped in that car, waving her arms in panic, she waited helplessly for someone to come rescue her but it seemed like she was going to die soon. Thankfully, after some unknown minutes had passed, 15-year-old Brant Freeland happened to pass by and notice the old woman in trouble.

Risking his own life, he rushed to the car and pulled her out to safety. He never had second thoughts about saving the old woman even as he had to wade into deep water to get her out.

The old woman’s grateful family thanked him a thousand times for his brave actions and also posted the story on Facebook, in recognition of the young man who made sure they still had a living grandma with them instead of fishing a dead one from the wrecked car.

Read the touching post from this old woman’s grandson:

PLEASE READ THIS POST AND EVERYBODY SHARE THIS is all I ask. As everybody knows we had terrible rains last night that…

Posted by Tyler Cline on Monday, July 13, 2015

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