16-Year-Old Indonesian Marries 73-Year-Old Woman, Threatens to Commit Suicide if Marriage is Denied

Does age really matter in a relationship?

A couple in Indonesia with a big age difference decided to get married to seal their love for each other.  However, thinking someone might intervene in their wedding ceremony, they threatened people that they will commit suicide should someone attempt to stop them.

Photo : AsiaWire

As part of a tradition in their region, 16-year-old Selamat Riayadi and his 71-year-old bride-to-be Rohoya needed to ask permission from the owner of the house where the wedding was solemnized because Rohoya has been a widow twice.

At first, the owner of the house named Kuswoyo was skeptic in approving the marriage but eventually gave in to the couple’s request because they showed how much they love each other that they even expressed their strong will to commit suicide if they will not be allowed to get married.

Photo : AsiaWire

After approval was granted, the couple got married in Karangendah Village in the Western South Sumatra province in  Indonesia.  Their wedding was considered a “nikah siri marriage” which was only recognized by their society but not by the state.

Photo : AsiaWire

India’s rule was to allow men to get married upon reaching  the age of 19 but Selamat Riayadi was only 16, making their marriage as an exemption because of their Islam religion which has no formal age requirement for a person to get married for as long as either one of them has reached maturity.

The wedding was said to be not motivated by monetary reasons as both parties did not come from an affluent family.

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