17-Year-Old Student Went to Hotel’s Balcony Just to Smoke, Fell from the Sixth Floor and Died

A group of university students  together with their professor went on a trip to Kampar, Malaysia on Friday.  The group stayed in a hotel in Kampar New Land to spend the night.  Unknowingly,  when everybody seemed to have fallen asleep, a tragic incident happened around midnight which left them all mourning the next day.

Photo : Oriental Daily

According to Oriental Daily,  a 17-year-old teenager who lives in Kuala Lumpur, informed his friends that he would just puff a cigarette at his room’s balcony located on the 6th floor of the hotel to adhere to the hotel’s “no smoking” policy.

Photo : Oriental Daily

Twenty minutes after, one classmate went to his room to check on him but didn’t find him.  Puzzled and wondering where he went, they looked around until they finally found him motionless in front of the hotel.

Paramedics came to the scene and immediately brought the teenager to Kampar hospital and later on, pronounced that he was already dead. Autopsy revealed that he acquired severe injuries as a result of his fall from the balcony at the 6th level of the hotel.

Photo : Oriental Daily

Police officials also stated that they cannot see an angle of  foul play on the said incident and concluded that the teenager had a natural sudden death.

As of press time, there were no reports as to how he exactly fell from the balcony because no one had witnessed what happened.

The name of the teenager was, however, not mentioned in the news.

May his soul find eternal rest.

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