22-Year-Old Note Reunites Long-Lost Daughter and Her Birth Parents

Twenty two years ago, a second baby girl named Jingzhi was born to Chinese couple Xu Lida and Qian Fenxiang in a houseboat in an isolated area in the Suzhou Canal. The child’s birth had to be hidden from the authorities—for China has been implementing a one-child policy and having more than one child will mean steep penalties and even death for the baby.

Five days later, Xu, the father took her to a covered vegetable market in Suzhou and left her there, together with a note thanking the persons who will take care of their daughter and asking to meet them on the Broken Bridge in Hangzhou on the morning of the Qixi Festival, ten or twenty years after.

Image from South China Morning Post

Fortunately, the baby girl was adopted by a Michigan couple who named her Catherine Su Pohler. Kati, as the girl was fondly called, knew all along that she was adopted but never really asked about her birth parents until she had to spend a semester in Spain as an exchange student. She knew that she will be asked about her being a Chinese and an American so she asked her adoptive mother about her past.

Her adoptive mother, Ruth, decided it was time to tell Kati about her biological parents and their note.

After finding out about her past, Kati felt angry and betrayed at first. Afterwards, she decided to go meet her biological family in China.

Image from the South China Morning Post

She went to the Broken Bridge in the morning of Qixi Festival, where her parents and older sister were also waiting for her. She spent two days with her family and has just begun to process the whole experience.

According to her, she wants to have a relationship with her family and wants to see them again but as of the moment, she does not know what they are to her.

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