3-Year-Old Boy Solves His Own Murder from His Past Life! And the Cops are Intrigued with His Evidence

When a 3-year-old Syrian boy began talking about weird things from a past life, his parents first thought he was just making up stories to entertain himself and get attention.

The stories got weirder because he knew a lot of things about their village that a young child like him couldn’t have known – and he even knew some people that were no longer there.

But when he began to tell his parents he was murdered in his past life, they were quite sure the boy might be losing his mind or was just getting more creative.

He told them his murderer’s name and the village elders verified that, indeed, the man existed in their village but had gone missing some 4 years before for unknown reasons – he must have fled after murdering a man who now seems to have been reincarnated and has become this boy.

Screenshot from video by Strange Mysteries / YouTube

Thinking the matter won’t be taken seriously if he doesn’t provide him proof, he took his parents and the village elders to the spot where his body was supposedly buried at Golan Heights.

Incredibly, after excavating the spot, the elders found the body of a grown man with an axe mark on its head – right at the spot where the boy’s birthmark is located! Really, really creepy, right?

Could this be proof that reincarnation truly happens? If yes, I wonder who I was in my past life and why I just couldn’t remember anything about that life like this boy does…

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