3-Year-Old Twins Share Their Makeup Tips and Sister Tricks

Three-year-old twin sisters share their fabulous makeup tips and tricks, while spilling some tea on the latest playground gossip.

Mila and Emma Stauffer shared their latest makeup tutorial video on December 16, 2017 with some help from their big sister, Kaitlin Stauffer.

The diva-licious duo gained stardom on their mother’s insanely popular Instagram account, @kcstauffer. Their mom, Katie Stauffer, is known for posting nap-time photos of the two to her more than 3.7 million followers.

Their makeup tutorial now has over 62 million views and over 1 million likes on Facebook!

Many netizens support the hilarious, lightheartedness of the twins with one netizen commenting:

I can’t ever wait for the next video…I need more! I’ve been battling breast ****** for a little over a year now and some days you get so tired and down, but I’ll sit and watch a few of these and I’m magically cheered up all over again…”

Image via Kcstauffer’s Facebook page

While others argue that Mila and Emma are just kids and should be doing kid stuff:

“What ever happened to playing outside, or doing something educational? They may just be having fun, but the values instilled at this age stay with you for life… [So] if these shallow values are what their parents want them to grow up with, they’re doing good I guess.”

Mila and her mom were also featured on Watters’ World on Fox News following their Youtube video of “Mila video she’s skeptical of Santa” where she cleverly debunks Jolly Ole’ St. Nick.

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