30 Dumbest Road Signs that Could Possibly Lead to Accidents! This is Unbelievable…

Road and traffic signs are put on the roads to warn motorists and pedestrians of the dangers they might face ahead or to inform them about certain rules in the area but there are just some road signs that are so dumb they just might lead people to an accident!

Take for example the large upside down sign that reads, “If you can read this… you’ve just had an accident.” Whoever put up that sign must be pranking someone or was genuinely trying to be helpful – but one could really meet an accident by trying to read the upside down words only to discover the warning too late…

Other dumb signs include those that tell people the sign is not in use or those that bear confusing messages. Whoever placed those signs should really just go back to school and learn about traffic signs all over again!

Check out these silly signs and tell us which one is your favorite… Mine is the upside down sign!

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