4-Month-Old Baby Falls 10-Meter High and Dies After Grandmother Loses Grip Upon Riding an Escalator

A heartbreaking CCTV footage left viewers with mixed emotions after witnessing a tragic accident when a baby fell ten meters high from an escalator.

The 4-month-old baby was seen  held by his grandmother approaching the escalator on the 3rd level of  Wu Yue Plaza department store in Qingpu district of Shanghai, the most populous city in China.

Holding the baby on her left arm, the grandmother used her right hand to stabilize herself as she held on the escalator’s handrails.

Photo : Screenshot/New China TV’s/Youtube

But in a blink of an eye, a fatal accident happened when the grandmother lost her balance and lost grip on the baby.

The baby hurled to the side and fell from the third floor to the second floor of about 10 meters high.  He was brought to the hospital but the poor baby died after incurring grievous injuries.

Authorities said that the escalator was under “power saving mode” and will only move when someone steps on it. Apparently, the sudden movement of the escalator was said to be the cause of the grandmother’s lost of balance.

Photo : Screenshot New China TV/YouTube


The viewers of the video were of various emotions.  Some of them said that the grandmother was stupid while some of them said that it was the department store’s fault for setting the escalator on “power saving” mode.  But one thing is for sure, the incident was something the grandmother didn’t want to happen.

An accident is something we cannot really predict.  May this serves as a lesson to persons or parents carrying babies so that they may be more cautious when riding escalators.

Rest in peace, little angel.

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