4-Year-Old Dies after Mother Kicks Her for Not Brushing Teeth

Just because she failed to brush her teeth, 4-year-old Nohely Alexandra Martinez Hernandez died after her mother, 20-year-old Iris Hernandez-Rivas, kicked her in the stomach as punishment – and her head hit the bathtub.

But what was even more appalling is that the abusive mother waited for an hour before calling the cops; although she tried to hide that fact as well.

The incident happened at their home in Gaithersburg, Maryland in the US.

According to Hernandez-Rivas’ statement to the police, Nohely went to the bathroom to take a shower at around 11AM but she checked on the child and found her face down on the bathtub some 15 minutes later. But because the cops only received the call after 12 noon, they grew suspicious that there was more to the incident than the mother first claimed.

After further questioning, Hernandez-Rivas admitted she got angry and kicked the child in the stomach because she did not brush her teeth. But the force of the impact threw her to the bathtub where she hit her head.

Mugshot of Iris Hernandez-Rivas
Photo credit: Montgomery County Police Department

What the cops could not understand is that the mother waited for about an hour before calling emergency services. Initial investigations also showed that the child had multiple bruises all over her body, some of which were no longer fresh.

With further probing, Hernandez-Rivas admitted she had punished the child with a belt some days ago for undisclosed reasons.

The Nohely also suffered from a head trauma but police are still waiting for the ruling by medical examiners on child’s official cause of death before charging Hernandez-Rivas with a more serious case. For now, she faces first-degree child abuse and first-degree assault but murder charges could be added anytime soon. She is currently being held without bond.

Rest in peace, little Nohely Alexandra Martinez Hernandez…

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Fox News

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