53-Year-Old Woman Lived in Glass Cage for 13 Years Due to Life-Threatening Conditions

Being isolated in one place for a long time can be a challenge but what if you will be stuck in a place for over 13 years? What would you feel?

Juana Munoz, 53, from Spain has been living in a 25-meter custom glass cage for over 13 years because it is the only way for her to stay alive.

She was diagnosed with four life-threatening conditions: multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and electrosensitivity.

Image: Oddity Central

She cannot leave her cage without following a very strict protocol. Also, the people who would wish to come in must undergo several procedures; just like showering with chemical-free cleaning products and wearing clothes made of organic cotton.

Juana claims that her condition started 29 years ago when her husband started planted in their yard. The potatoes were sprayed with an illegal pesticide that was banned a couple of years after she experienced chemical sensitivity crisis.

She recalled that as soon as she touched those potatoes, her lips and eyes began to swell. She was immediately rushed to the hospital; by the time she reached her doctor, her whole body had already become swollen. Since then, whenever she came in contact with various chemicals she experiences vomiting, fatigue, skin irritations, asphyxia and various allergic reactions.

She was convinced that the pesticide caused her illness. She decided not to reveal the name of the pesticide because she doesn’t want any legal trouble. She just wishes to hug her family again.

Because of her illness, her family cannot touch her and that includes her children, aged 26 and 29. They were allowed to hug her two times a year only after they undergo several days of preparation.

As years went by, her chemical sensitivity worsened and she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Due to this, she had to be isolated in a small glass cage overlooking her garden and she wasn’t able to get out of it again.

Her husband takes care of her. He also grows organic produce in their garden which makes up most of her daily diet. She also eats organic meat from trusted producers twice a month and she eats fish four or five times a month. She also wears organic cotton and uses ceramic mask custom made in Germany to inhale oxygen whenever she feels breathless.

A few years ago, she was also diagnosed with breast cancer, so she has to go out and go through a yearly checkup at the University Hospital of Puerto Real. Her car ride is not as easy as you think it would be because the vehicle must be free of chemicals as much possible. As soon as she reached the hospital, she was put in an empty sterilized room and the checkup is conducted according to a special and tedious protocol.

One of her main goals is to promote awareness about MCS and improve the lives of those who suffers with this kind of sickness just like her.

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