7-Year-Old Student Picks Winning Lottery Ticket, Donates Her Prize to Food Drive Project in Her School

A year ago, 7-year-old Phoebe, with her mother Audrey Brown, was shopping in Independence, Missouri when Phoebe noticed a discarded lottery ticket and by her luck, she was the winner!

So as soon as she found out that she was the winner, she shouted that she won, her mom thought that she was just mistaken, talking to Fox 4 News, Audrey said “She’s (Phoebe) like, ‘Mom, Mom, it’s a winner!’ I said, ‘No, it’s not.'”

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But when they found out that the scratch-off ticket was a winner, they were shocked to find out that the ticket was worth $100 and Phoebe started to think what she wants to do with her winnings.

Speaking to Fox 4 News, Phoebe admits that she wanted to buy toys; however, she changed her mind.

Sycamore Elementary, Phoebe’s school was running a food drive and a flyer comes to her house that day.

“That day a flier came in from the school to help with the school, bring in canned goods and nonperishable items and she said, ‘mom, mom, can we do that?’ And I was like, ‘yeah,’” Aubrey told KSHB.

Everyone was very supportive of Phoebe’s decision, her family went to Walmart and purchased all the nonperishable goods they could. Surprisingly, her class was able to contribute 541 canned goods and her entire elementary school donated 1,700 good. WOW!

These goods will be benefited by those families in need to have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Her family was really proud of her generous act.

“There have been times where I’ve been out of work, and we had nowhere to stay and our family’s taken us in, and helped us out. We’re thankful for our friends and our family,” Joshua Brown, Phoebe’s dad, told Fox 4.

“For a mother, it’s more than you could possibly imagine. You expect to wait to hear or see that when they grow up. It was a total blessing,” Phoebe’s mom told ABC News.

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What about you, what would you do if you accidentally picked up a winning lottery ticket?