In a story that sparked a firestorm among netizens, a 9-year-old girl was suspended from school after she shaved her head in support of her best friend who has cancer.

Delaney Clements, 11, has a rare form of childhood cancer called neuroblastoma. As with most cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, she lost her hair.

Delaney’s best friend, 9-year-old Kamyrn Renfro, asked her parents if she could also shave her head to support her friend. The compassionate parents allowed her to do it.

However, when the young girl arrived in school, Caprock Academy officials ruled she has to be suspended for breaking school rules. Apparently, the school has a dress code which does not allow the students to attend school with shaved heads! What kind of rule is that, anyway?

Photo credit: ABC News

Photo credit: ABC News

Despite the child telling school officials about her reason for shaving her head, they would not relent. Delaney was at first happy with what Kamyrn did but the two soon were sad after the latter was suspended.

When news of this story broke out to the media, a national firestorm erupted among netizens in the US. Many protested the ruling, saying schools may have rules like that yet there is always room for exceptions, especially in special cases like shaving one’s head for a cancer-stricken friend.

Though there were those who sided with the school because they believe rules are imposed so there is order, most were saying this was a lesson of love and compassion – something the child is teaching everyone in the world, not just showing it to her best friend.

After intense media scrutiny, the school finally reversed the ruling and allowed Kamyrn to go back to school. Delaney was, of course, happy about how everything turned out; though she was not able to greet her friend when Kamyrn was allowed back in school because she had to be at the hospital for another round of chemotherapy.

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