When a 90-year-old grandmother bragged that she can do a backflip, everyone laughed and told her they do not believe she could do it. The very active grandma insists she could do a backflip – and might even be able to execute a double flip! What???

I can’t even do one backflip and this grandma thinks that, despite her creaking and fragile bones she could do two! Whoa! That’s something to watch.

There’s a video because everyone wanted to put it on record, so they can all brag about the grandma who can do a double backflip at age 90.

So, with eager anticipation, I watched the video of the double backflip. Considering how incredible this feat would certainly be, I was at the edge of my seat as grandma began rocking to and fro in preparation for her backflip.

Was she able to make it? Well, I guess I should not ruin the anticipation by telling you the answer. Watch it for yourself here:

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