Instead of answering the puzzle of a 900-year-old weird skull’s origin, DNA tests muddled the mystery even more – revealing how this mysterious skull had 56 variations from human DNA. This might not be too puzzling if we did not know that monkeys only have 2 variations from human DNA!

Theories have been floated around for years, ever since the skull was found back in the 1930s somewhere in Mexico by a teenage girl. Its weird shape shows an enlarged cavity for the head and sunken, hollow spaces for eyes which appeared to be much closer together than what normally appears in humans.

The Starchild Skull Photo credit: Wikipedia

The Starchild Skull
Photo credit: Viral Nova/Wikipedia-

Tests also confirmed that this skull was much lighter and stronger than those of humans. The inner ear is much larger than usual and the skull’s volume is 30% larger than humans.

Perplexed by all these weird features, scientists soon dubbed it as the Starchild Skull.

Photo credit: onecellonelightradio/

Photo credit: Viral Nova/onecellonelightradio-

Based on the characteristics of the skull, paranormal researcher Lloyd Pye theorized that this was of alien origin because the sunken eyes appear to show this creature traveled through zero gravity.

Skeptics laugh at this theory, saying the answer was simple and the scientists are only trying to mystify something mundane: this was the skull of a person with hydrocephalus!

Photo credit: Viral Nova/Wikipedia-

Photo credit: Viral Nova/Wikipedia-


Well, the skull’s shape could fit that medical condition but the rest of the features still point to alien origins – after all, if this was the skull of a human being with hydrocephalus, why does it have 56 variations from human DNA? Creepy…