A Profound Story about a Man and His Four Wives…You’ve Got to Watch ‘til the End

Don’t worry – we are not promoting polygamy here but the story is making an analogy between life and a man with four wives. The ending is quite surprising in so many ways, not just because of his wives’ response to his final request on his death bed but because of the actual representation of these women have in our lives…

The video below tells a story about a man who had four wives. He adores his fourth wife, lavishing her with all the gifts he could get his hands on and loves to show her off to other people. He also enjoys the company of his third wife so much and also provides her all her heart’s desire. The second wife is his confidante and adviser but his first wife is nothing to him more than a woman he married on paper. Although she loves him a lot, he does not actually feel the same way and ends up ignoring her most of the time.

Considering how he had four wives, he was worried about getting lonely when he dies. So, he requested each of them to accompany him to the grave. Can you guess their answers? I think we have some idea about these ladies’ answers but the analogy after the big reveal will surprise you…

Watch it here:

Sad but so true..

Posted by Pauline Moragne on Friday, October 24, 2014

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