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A Restaurant Owner Discovers Who is Eating Her Dog Food, a Heart-breaker!

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”

This is what I learned after watching this heartbreaking video. It is nothing new to see homeless people strolling around even in a first world country like the US. I guess, among the videos I have seen involving a homeless person, this one’s pretty different. Everyday, there are tons of food that are being thrown out by restaurants and fast-food chain, and thinking about it, if it is put to good use, nobody should ever go hungry with that! We may not think of it most of the time, sometimes we take for granted what we have, not knowing that not everyone can afford the luxury of living a life of comfort, something that most of us take for granted. Sadly, in reality, some people cannot even provide themselves with a decent meal even just for a day.

An owner of one café in the US was wondering why the bunch of dog food that she leaves outside her store for stray dogs to consume is consumed quickly and she had to refill it a couple times a day even if only a few dogs pass by her café. That’s why YouTube channel So Flo came to the owner of the café and suggested to place a CCTV camera in the area outside of her café.

To their surprise, minutes after the installation of the cameras, they were shocked to find out that a homeless man comes in to eat the dog food soon after checking in if no one was around.

See what happens next by hitting the play button below.

This story was both heart breaking and an eye opener, that we, have the capacity to change their situation and be a blessing to them.

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  • Mang-Uuling

    I am sure this is NOT staged 😀 lols

    • Spam4

      hahahahaha di natawa sa joke mo natawa ako sa profile pic mo

      • pyrrhic

        Nayahahahahaaaaaa! you really got a sense of humor Spam4, hahahahahaaaa!

    • Vergil

      Bweseeet! 😀 😀 😀 si nog nog buhay pa pala yan!

  • Charles Eavenson II
    • Paulita Gilberto

      I think it’s a re-enactment, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

  • Delbert V. Aldea

    next stop population control

  • Carl’s Hobby

    Sorry, I forgot the script..

  • Mawma Wheatley

    it is a shame in America we bring in these bums and give them all this money and our own people gowithout tis is nt wat we pa taxes for. lets do something about it yesterday

  • alex duransky

    God bless you more, restaurant owner.

  • Ancela Vesper

    Sorry. You can smell fake by a mile away.

  • Fingloi Delos reyes

    why do people do this? why do people fake dog food eating people? to have a lot of likes? to have a lot of views? fcking clickbaits!

    • Dwight Black

      you fail to see the message

      • Fingloi Delos reyes

        You fail to see my comment

  • I dont care if its fake or not. What matters most is the good deeds. And I love what the woman just did to the poor fella :'( .

  • mon viardo


  • Recall Slri

    Why is it that the hungry man still eating on the pavement through a decent food given to him? Does it mean, that poor man does not deserve an invitation to eat on a fine a table?

  • Zanard Bell

    Would be heartwarming if it wasn’t the content thief SoFlo posting the video. Give me the source.

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