This tense and amazing video shows a mother rabbit fighting off a snake who tried to eat her baby bunnies. A YouTube video uploaded by user Ramakanth p uploaded last week already has 10 million views. In the video’s description, thankfully, the baby bunnies were saved. On the background sound of the video, you can even hear the voices of little kids who were somewhat cheering for the rabbit.

During the first few seconds, we see a big black snake who was wrapping itself around helpless baby bunnies, trying to devour them. Then, thankfully, a brave and ferocious mommy rabbit jumped off on top of the snake to save her her bunnies. Although the snake already let go of the bunnies, the mommy rabbit was clearly not satisfied– she still chased the snake and continued to attack it! Every time the big black snake tried to make its way to safety, the rabbit is hot on its tail, following it angrily and attacking it.

Then a little while later, the snake heads toward a wall and it tries to climb and higher but the mother rabbit pulled it back and engaged it in another round of fighting! Want to know more what happened next?

Watch the tense video below:

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Youtube, DailyMail