A Terrible Accident Snaps This Boy’s Head Off the Spine…But He Miraculously Survives

A terrible accident caused 16-month-old Jackson Taylor’s head to snap from his spine – the condition was termed as an internal decapitation; his head was still physically attached to his body but it had snapped out of place that it was a miracle the child did not die instantly.

The child was airlifted to Brisbane in Queensland, Australia where the country’s “Godfather of Spinal Surgery”, Dr. Geoff Askin, fixed his head. A brace was fitted to his skull and his chest to keep his head in place.

Jackson is now out of the hospital but has to spend eight more weeks in his brace to allow his neck to heal.

It was a great miracle that the child survived – he was lucky to be living in a country where such a surgery is possible.

Watch his story here: