Animals couldn’t talk the way humans do but they can find ways to communicate with us, especially intelligent species like the whales and dolphins.

One perfect example can be found in the video shared by Inside Edition on YouTube showing a group of guys on a boat being circled by a huge whale. At first, they were concerned that the whale would overturn their boat as it was swimming too close but they soon realized it was trying to ask for help.

It is amazing how the creature had come to realize it needed humans to pull the debris stuck in its mouth but it is also saddening how it humans were also the culprit for that debris thrown in the ocean!

After the debris was removed from its mouth, the whale stuck around for a couple of minutes as if to thank the guys for helping. It also flapped its fin several times, in what appears to be a gesture to communicate with them.

Watch this video…Isn’t nature incredible?

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SF Globe