Some humans are not meant to keep pets because they only know how to inflict harm on the animals. A lot of these poor pets end up dead or so badly abused that they fear humans and might even become quite aggressive they attack without any provocation.

Yet the most pitiful of these abused animals are those who fear humans so much that contact with the human species cause they to cower and soil themselves.

In Peyton, Colorado, the National Mill Dog Rescue has teamed up with the Trinidad Correctional Facility in Trinidad, Colorado, in a program aptly called the “Castaways”. The abused or abandoned dogs are sent to the facility where the prisoners train them, preparing them for re-integration into families or as service dogs. Some even get trained to become police dogs!

The arrangement is actually helpful for everybody. The dog rescue team gets to hand over the animals to people they can trust, the prison gets the prisoners something worthwhile to do, and the dogs get the much-needed attention and training they need to learn how to trust humans all over again.

It’s quite touching. Watch the dogs’ unbelievable transformations here:


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