Adorable Baby Clings on to Mommy after Birth, Refuses to Let Go in This Viral Video

A lot of hospitals advocate skin to skin contact right after birth, whether the mother delivered the baby normally or through C-section. This is believed to have a lot of benefits for both the mother and her newborn baby.

But one baby brought to her mother right after birth recently went viral after she was videotaped clinging on to her mother and refusing to let go, as if still wanting the close contact they had spent together but also quite happy to finally meet the woman with whom she had been connected with all those months.

The video was shared by Maternidade Cor de Rosa where it went viral, gaining over 9.1 million views since it was uploaded.

Photo credit: Brenda Coêlho / Facebook

In the clip, the daughter of new mom Brenda Coêlho was brought to her face for their first skin to skin contact right after C-section. But people in the operating room were soon brought to tears by the lovely baby’s adorable antics as she refused to let go of her mother.

Indeed, this was a beautiful moment and was a great reminder of how wonderful love can be between a mother and her child.

Isn’t this so sweet?

Photo credit: Brenda Coêlho / Facebook