Babies are truly cute little bundles of joy, right? The video shared by YouTube user itsJudysLife shows exactly just how adorable these tiny humans are…

In the video, two babies could be seen conversing with each other. These are Juliana and Emilia, two friends who love each other but do not get a chance to be together a lot. So, when they do meet up, they enjoy talking with each other; but because they are still babies, we poor adults could not make u what they were conversing about.

It is cute how the two appeared to be having fun “talking” with each other like they were really having a conversation despite not a word being clear at all. One even appeared to be cheering the other up after she felt grumpy for a short while. Isn’t this adorable?

Check them out in this viral video which has been viewed by over 17 million people! Awesome, isn’t it?

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