African Fake Healer Cons over 700 Women into Thinking They Were Pregnant

N’na Fanta Camara, a faith healer from Guinea, Western Africa, was ******** for making up stories making over 700 women aged 17 to 45 think they were pregnant.  She gave them a strange cocktail of plants and medicines, leaving these poor women bloated for over 12 to 16 months.

According to Oddity Central, Camara charged these woman $33 per visit. Not only did she cheat them out of their hard-earned money but she  also caused serious conjugal problems.

In fact, according to Police Colonel Moussa Tiégboro, leader of the investigation of this case, over 150 woman sought help and were convinced they were pregnant and 47 of them underwent an ultrasound and were shocked to hear that they had no babies growing inside their bellies.

Image: Oddity Central

One of the victims of this con healer said in an interview with BBC that during their first visit, she gave them some medicines of leaves and some herbs that made them vomit but was assured that it was part of the process. Camara instructed them not to go to the hospital to treat their illness but see Etienne Balamou, a laboratory technician running a clandestine clinic in Conakry who policemen believe was her accomplice.

Camara denies these accusations and explained that she was just trying to help these woman and added that God was ultimately responsible for a woman getting pregnant.

“I work very hard to help [the women] realize their dream but the rest is in the hands of God, all these women came to see me for treatment. I asked them all if they believed in God before giving them the remedy, which they took themselves, voluntarily,” Camara said in an interview, according to Oddity Central.

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