After 12 Years of Seeking Traditional Remedies, ‘Pregnant’ Man Finally Undergoes Surgery

Back in 2004, Zhang Cheng of Leshan City in Sichuan Province, China began complaining of stomach pains and sought traditional remedies for his ailment. He finally went to the doctor after two years of suffering but when he was diagnosed with stomach tumor, he refused to have the tumor operated on.

Instead of seeking professional help, Zhang decided to seek other traditional remedies to alleviate the pain and stop the growth. Over the years, his stomach grew and made him look like a pregnant woman.

Not only was his ‘pregnancy’ interfering with his love life (no woman wanted to date him), he was soon suffering from complications arising from his tumor. The tumor has now grown to the size of a beach ball!

When he finally decided to go to the hospital, doctors reportedly refused to operate on him in fear that they would do more harm than good because the tumor was already quite huge and now weighing 33 lbs (15 kg)! The family has since gone from hospital to hospital in hopes that someone would eventually help them.

Photo credit: CEN/Daily Mail UK
Photo credit: CEN/Daily Mail UK

Thanks to their perseverance, the family finally found a team of doctors willing to help Zhang. The tumor was finally removed in a 6-hour operation at the Military General Hospital in Chengdu, also in Sichuan Province, China.

Zhang survived the surgical operation and is now living a normal life. He and his siblings hope he could finally meet the girl of his dreams now that he no longer looks like a pregnant woman…

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