After Argument with Cheating Husband, Woman Literally Eats Their $7000-Life Savings

In a desperate attempt to teach her unfaithful husband a lesson, a 28-year-old woman from Colombia literally ate all their life savings amounting to $7000 cash.

After becoming aware of her husband’s infidelity, Sandra Milena Almeida planned on leaving him along with all their savings. However, her husband soon learned about her plans and tried to negotiate in order to get half of their savings.

PHOTO CREDIT: YouTube/News from World

Apparently, the wife didn’t want to give in to her husband’s wishes and was really determined to take all of the money. In the heat of the moment, the wife did the unthinkable and swallowed rolled up cash they’ve been saving all their lives.

As a result, the woman suffered from severe abdominal pain and had to be rushed to a hospital for treatment.

When the woman arrived at the hospital, doctors thought she was under the influence of ***** as they had no idea that she gulped down money. After performing X-ray on her, they soon realized that small packets were actually causing blockage between her stomach and intestines.

Scores of $100 notes were indeed found inside the woman. A team of surgeons from the Santander University Hospital were able to extract only 57 notes amounting to $5700 after cleaning and drying them out in the operating room.

So what happened to the rest of the money?

Doctors believe they were lost due to gastric fluids.

Dr. Juan Paulo Serrano, the hospital’s chief surgeon, said they have already turned over the cash to the police and that a judge will decide on how to split the money.
As for the woman, she was already released from the hospital and is now recovering.

Watch the shocking footage.


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