After Going Viral on Social Media, ‘Badjao Girl’ Receives Scholarship and Family Aid

They are so poor that they could only afford to eat once a day but the future of 13-year-old Rita Gabiola and her family is expected to become brighter after photographer Topher Quinto Burgos brought her to fame as the “Badjao Girl”.

Photo credit: Topher Quinto Burgos
Photo credit: Topher Quinto Burgos

Burgos spotted Gabiola begging with other Badjaos during the Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, Quezon, Philippines. Seeing her natural beauty, Burgos quickly took some snapshots of the gorgeous girl and shared these on social media.

Pretty soon, the “Badjao Girl” was a popular face on social media. She would later be identified as Rita Gabiola and many people would soon ask her to join them in pictures, much to her surprise.

She reportedly told some people that she hopes her newfound fame would be a way for her family to have a better future. In a guesting with Rated K, Gabiola revealed that she dreams of becoming a teacher so she could help others, especially her parents who had never gone to school.

Photo credit: Facebook/James Cristopher Domingo
Photo credit: Facebook/James Cristopher Domingo

Gabiola’s father revealed that his ultimate dream was to send his kids to school even if they had no money to buy food three times a day, making do with just one meal on a daily basis.

These dreams are soon becoming a reality!

To help the family have a better life, the government of Lucena City where they are living will give a job to the famous Badjao Girl’s father who currently earns a living as a fisherman. Moreover, Rated K and the Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation also promised to give her a scholarship!

What a wonderful turn of events! We can’t wait to see you graduate and become a teacher in the future, Rita Gabiola! Kudos to Topher Quinto Burgos, the photographer responsible for the Badjao Girl’s fame and became the ticket to a brighter future for Gabiola and her family…

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  • infestedOne

    good luck Badjao Girl, mag-aral ka ng mabuti.. work hard and your dreams will come true!! kudos to sir Toper Burgos..

  • Grace Minerva

    Masakit magsalita ah… pero buti na lang, hindi sumusunod sa badjao heritage ang daddy ni Rita at gusto nyang paunlarin ang mga anak nya in a progressive way.

    • The Pooch

      I definitely agree.

  • Kazim S Govani

    keep visiting our website @ for scholarship details

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