Alleged ‘Gold Digger’ Who Married Partly Toothless Millionaire Gets None of His Millions after His ‘Accidental’ Death

Marchel Amphoux is an ‘ordinary’ gentleman with crooked teeth but he had a vast land in France right next to exclusive resort Serre-Chevalier, making him a millionaire by virtue of the prime value of his land. But he lived a simple life and refused to sell the land, choosing instead to let the tenants continue tilling that prime piece of property and living there in poor conditions.

This is where real estate agent Sandrine Devillard came into the picture. She wooed the partly toothless millionaire so he would sell his land but when he continued to refuse, she began to engage with him romantically.

Photo credit: Thug Life Videos

According to Thug Life Videos, this led to a scandal in the village as the people believe Devillard was really just after his land; though the pretty lady claims she’s truly in love with Amphoux. Many found that rather hard to believe considering his not-so-charming looks and the fact that they were decades apart in age.

Still, the love affair would soon lead the two to the altar but after the wedding, Devillard reportedly spent most of her time away from Amphoux and chose to stay in the city under the guise of running her four businesses there.

She did ‘prove’ her love for her husband by supposedly dedicating this video to him:

But just a year after their wedding, Amphoux died in a car accident – but while the cops believe it was a genuine accident, the villagers were quite suspicious over what happened because the car was reportedly driven by his wife’s best friend who survived.

After Amphoux’s death, Devillard told the villagers to prepare to leave because she now fully owns the land and would sell it to the resort. But while the cleaning up Amphoux’s house, his relatives found a piece of envelope containing what was believed to be his latest will – and it actually held up in court!

According to the document, Amphoux leaves his tenants the land and property they are currently renting from him. The rest of his fortune goes to a female cousin but none of his properties were given to his wife.

Naturally, Devillard’s contested her late husband’s will but the court ruled that it was valid and she didn’t get even a single cent from Amphoux’s fortune.

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