An iPhone 4 Still Works When Found 19 Months After it fell to the Bottom of a Lake!

There a lot of iPhone survival stories but this one is better than most.

Michael Guntrum, a man from Knox, Pennsylvania, lost his iPhone 4 when he went ice fishing in Kyle Lake last year. The phone slipped from his lap and found a hole in the ice. Michael posted about the incident in his Facebook status last March 7, 2015. During that time, we could have collectively concluded that it was the end of story for his iPhone 4…


But wait, there’s more.

Fast forward October 2016, Daniel Kalgren found the same phone when treasure hunting in the dried-up Kyle Lake. He didn’t know how long it has been there so he cleaned it and put it in rice and you just guessed it… it still works!

Photo: Daniel Kalgren
Photo: Daniel Kalgren

Daniel was able to find Michael’s number from the phone and informed him that he found his lost phone. Michael was skeptical until he received a picture of the phone with a familiar screen saver. Daniel already mailed the phone to Michael who is planning to give it to his mom.

This amazing survival story is now lighting up social media with the usual expected reactions: amazement, skepticism, and humor.

One user couldn’t help but poke fun on the fate of Samsung Note 7.


While another one thinks that not all iPhones are born lucky.


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