Have you ever encountered drivers who get angry easily and threaten you harm on the road just because you unwittingly did something that triggered their fury?

Road rage is getting quite common these days, what with all people trying to be the first on the road or hoping to beat the light before the sign turns red, or just because they feel superior to others. Whatever the exact reason may be, road rage is something that could easily turn nasty. At times, this had even proven deadly to many motorists who get shot by the other angry motorist.

In this YouTube clip from Junkin Video, a motorcycle driver tried to kick a moving car – how do you think that would end? Crazy, really. I hope he learned his lesson.

It was a good thing he was not hit by a passing vehicle. He could have died instantly if there was a truck or big car following him at the time.

So, the next time you are on the road, be patient. Yes, there are crazy drivers out there, people who do not know how to drive yet you have to remember that your life is precious. One lost, you could never get it back. If you feel the urge to kick a car in anger, just remember the instant karma this motorist received after he tried doing it.

Stay safe on the road…