Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares Adorable Throwback Photo of Him Cutting Son’s Hair

Many of us have experienced having our parents cut our hair when we were small – but can you imagine ultra-rich and famous personalities do the same for their kids? Well, while that might be a little too difficult to imagine unless that personality is a hairstylist, of course, it happens even to these ‘elite’ folks.

Take for example Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Terminator, himself, has terminated his son’s hair when the boy was small! LOL. Seriously, though, it seems that Arnold actually did his son Patrick’s hair back when he was a young lad.

Amazingly, he still does it on the boy from time to time, as can be seen by a photo collage showing a throwback photo of him cutting Patrick’s hair from some decades ago and another one showing a more recent picture.

Photo credit: Arnold Schwarzenegger / Facebook

What’s quite cute is that while Arnold was the one looking a bit amused while cutting the boy’s hair when he was small, he looked rather grim and trying hard to do it perfectly while Patrick was the one smiling.

Isn’t it cute? It is great to see photos of our favorite stars doing ‘ordinary’ stuff like we do – and looking like they are really enjoying it!

What do you think of these photos? They’re so adorable, right?

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