Austria Offers a Cliffside Home with Stunning Views to Anyone Who Wants to be a Part-time Hermit

If you fancy living away from noisy people in a cliffside house with stunning views, then you might want to apply as part-time hermit in the Saalfelden hermitage located near Salzburg in Austria.

The house is sturdy and the views are spectacular but you have to get away from technology for a while as there is no internet or electricity in the house! Also, there’s no running water and heating, either – you really have to go back to the basics if you choose to live in this house.

The hermitage is perfect for someone with basic survival skills who seeks to be away from technology for a while.

Because there’s no heating for the hermitage, it will only be open during the warmer months of April to November – so, it really is just a part-time hermit job!

Photo credit: Handout / Saalfelden Leogang Touristik

As hermits, applications are supposed to be “at peace with themselves” and have a “connection to Christian belief”. Of course, the hermit must be ready to live by himself in a house located 1,400 meters (4,600 feet) above sea level.

A local priest, Alois Moser, revealed, “Since its creation 350 years ago, the Saalfelden hermitage was inhabited every year. But we don’t have a successor to the last hermit.

But the hermit won’t exactly be lonely up there in the mountains because the hermitage does receive a number of tourists.

Moser said, “The applicants need to know that the Saalfelden hermit does not lead a lonely life. Many people come and want to confide in someone. He has to be there for them.

Aside from getting to live in the historic hermitage for free in those months, though, it is possible that there are no takers to the job because 1) applications are only accepted by post and no emails are accepted, 2) the house didn’t have running water and electricity, and 3) the job is unpaid.

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The Guardian

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