Babies have always been one of life’s great blessings. The arrival of babies completes a family in so many aspects, despite the fact that these tiny bundles of joy add to the daily expenses. For parents, it does not matter that they had to stretch their budgets to accommodate their kids’ needs because the kids bring them joy.

In this video below, a little baby shows why babies are truly adorable. It will melt your heart.

The mommy tells her baby, “I love you!” Considering this child is just 7 weeks old [less than 2 months!], her response was truly surprising and quite adorable!

Watch this heartwarming video:

It is truly wonderful to find videos of kids doing the most adorable things. Most kids begin talking by 6 months of age yet this kid is truly an amazing one. The words may not be as clear yet the message was already there. Isn’t she adorable?