Beachgoers Make Human Chain to Assist the Lifeguards Save a Group of Drowning Swimmers

Drowning accidents can be deadly, especially because the human body can only survive without oxygen for a couple of seconds or a few minutes at most. This is the reason why it is important not to go swimming in deep parts of the pool or out in the sea if you don’t know how to swim.

Still, even those who do know how to swim can drown, especially if they get caught in a riptide and pulled back to sea.

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, a group of swimmers were enjoying the sea when they got pulled by the waves to a deeper area and they began to struggle to swim back to shore. Seeing that the group might drown, three lifeguards immediately rushed to help them.

Photo credit: Daily News

The waves were strong; thus, the lifeguards also appeared to struggle as they tried to pull the group back to shore. Seeing this, several of the men at the shore rushed to meet the group. They formed a human chain to assist the lifeguard in saving the drowning swimmers.

Thankfully, they all succeeded in the rescue mission and no one drowned that day. Whew!

Check out the heart-stopping rescue here:

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