Before They Could Get Married, a Tragic Accident Happened…So He Made This Heartwarming Video

No matter how meticulously we plan our lives, unexpected things happen that could change these carefully laid out plans – hopefully for the better yet there are many times when things get worse, instead…

That’s exactly what happened to singer Chris Medina and his fiancée, Juliana Ramos. They had great plans for the future but all these changed when Juliana met a harrowing accident which left her paralyzed for months. The once beautiful lady who carried herself gracefully was reduced to a person who needed help in standing up and walking.

Everything was a struggle but Juliana never gave up. Chris’ love for Juliana did not fade throughout her ordeal. In their struggle, he was able to create this beautiful music which is likely to bring tears to your eyes:

The struggles got to them, however; and they eventually broke up. Naturally, Chris received most of the blows from social media yet Juliana defended him, saying the relationship had changed after the accident but they mutually love and respect each other; though definitely not in the same way they did before the accident…

Source :

SF Globe

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