Best Friends Troll Conservative Parents with Hilarious “Just Friends” Video after Being Confronted for Possibly Being Gay and Having Secret Relationship

Travis Henning and Adam are ‘straight’ best friends who were so close that their parents had begun to suspect they were actually gay. Travis’ conservative family was especially concerned and under the mistaken belief that they were secretly dating.

But when confronted about it, Travis and Adam became more ‘secretive’ and decided to troll their parents with a hilarious video from their bromantic holiday in Thailand.

In a video entitled, “Just Friends”, they shared wonderful moments taken from their trip to Thailand to prove to their parents that, indeed, they were just friends – but the prankster duo actually spiced up the video a little bit by doing something that best friends who are in a relationship possibly do. And it’s definitely messing up with the minds of their relatives back home. LOL.

Screenshot from video by Travis Henning
Screenshot from video by Travis Henning

For instance, the two enjoyed a lovely moment as they shared one drink. There was another clip of them feeding each other with the delicious Thai food while another showed them hugging.

In yet another shot at the supposed ‘more than friends’ relationship they share, the clip showed one of them taking a bath (clearly without any clothes on!) in a bathroom with glass doors! ROFL. I bet their parents would definitely be furious about that one.

Screenshot from video by Travis Henning

After sharing the video on YouTube, the crazy bromance clip actually went viral and has since been watched over 1.7 million times within just 5 days after it was posted.

Check it out here and tell us whether you think these two are really just best friends or there’s something happening between them…

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