While most babies weigh around 6 to 7 lbs, Kayleigh Anne Freeman was only 1 lb when she arrived into this world. Her mother’s ring could easily circle around her wrists like a bracelet and she could fit into a grown-up’s cupped hands.

She spent months in the hospital’s neonatal ICU (ICU) so she could be well enough to go home. Though she lost a few ounces during her first week, Kayleigh was able to pull through and gain enough weight to survive.

Fragile as she is, she underwent several surgeries to correct abnormalities or problems in her internal organs due to her being born several months premature. She became the smallest baby to ever undergo an open heart surgery.

She’s a fighter. She was able to withstand the rigors of two other surgeries before that open heart surgery.

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Sadly, Kayleigh passed away. The little fighter was fighting too many problems that her body could no longer bear the suffering. She died last May 11, 2009, just a month shy of her first birthday, yet her memory and story continues to touch the hearts of many people.

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Kayleigh's Story