Boy Gets Implanted with “Devil Horns” on Forehead to Erase His Unsightly Birthmark

While most people would not do anything to a birthmark, many wish to have it removed, especially if it is conspicuous and located on the face!

So, when George Ashman of Radstock, Somerset was born with a large, red birthmark on his forehead, his mother Karen grew worried.

As soon as we saw the mark, our minds raced 10 years in future, when he would have no friends, no girlfriend,” Karen recalled.

Photo credit: SWNS / NTD TV

While his parents loved him from the moment he was born, they knew that he would surely endure a lot of bullying and hate as he grows up. A doctor told them that there’s hope for George; although he has to undergo a strange procedure that would require him to grow temporary “horns” on his forehead.

Two inflatable sacks were implanted on his forehead, at both sides of the birthmark. But if Karen was afraid of the hate the boy will receive as he grows up with the ugly birthmark, they had to deal with the horror of seeing him grow “devil horns” and hearing people make snide remarks about the “devil boy”.

Photo credit: SWNS / NTD TV

For 4 months, doctors slowly injected fluid into the sacks to stretch the skin so there would be enough material to cover the spot where his birthmark lies.

When I first saw the implants in place I was speechless. They were larger than I expected – and placed on either side of his tiny head looked like horns!

My cute, angel-faced baby looked like the devil! Like Frankenstein! They
didn’t look nice at all,” the horrified mom recalled.

In those months, Karen had to endure hearing screams from people who were afraid of the boy when they were in public.

I was tearful and emotional. I had no problem loving my son but others’ reactions were hard to deal with. I felt like everyone was against us,” she said.

Thankfully, the torture ended. Doctors excised the birthmark from George’s forehead, removed the sacks, and used the stretched skin to patch up the spot. His body didn’t reject the grafted skin because had been a part of him and was simply moved to the spot!

Photo credit: SWNS / NTD TV

The young boy’s body healed the wounds so beautifully that you might need to take a closer look to really see the scars of the surgery there! Thanks to the strange but effective procedure, the boy looks great now – and all those months of hateful taunts are far behind him…

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