Boy with Autism Saves Choking Classmate Using Heimlich Maneuver He Learned from SpongeBob!

A boy with autism was hailed a hero for saving a classmate he saw choking on an apple at the cafeteria during lunch but people were surprised when he credits the Heimlich maneuver skill to SpongeBob!

Brandon Williams, 13, saw his classmate, Jessica Pellegrino, struggling to breathe. While the other students called for help from their paraprofessional at school, Brian Griffin, Brandon did not wait for help to arrive. Instead, he swiftly jumped towards Jessica, pulled her to her feet, and performed the Heimlich maneuver like a pro.

The cafeteria is always very noisy, but I heard the kids calling me. I was ready to jump in, but Brandon had it. He was amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it. Some people may have preconceived notions about autism, but these kids are intelligent, loving, just amazing, kids,” says Brian who is trained in first aid, including the Heimlich maneuver.

Photo credit: PrimeroEdge
Photo credit: PrimeroEdge

Brandon’s dad, Anthony Williams was surprised his son saved another student using a first aid action he had picked up while watching Spongebob, saying, “He picks up on things that most of us would miss, and files it all away in his head, and he can recall it all in an instant. That’s how he knew instantly what to do. And we’re glad he did. We’re proud of him.

The next day, the class held a party for Brandon and Jessica but when adults praised him and said he deserves a medal for his heroism, he humbly said, “I don’t need a medal. I’m good; I’m good.