Brave 8-Year-Old Girl Runs Home to Tell Mother That Her Arm was Ripped Off in Elevator Accident

A brave little girl named Archana Tale is an 8-year-old girl who ran more than half a mile to go home and tell her mom what had happened to her.

Image from Mirror

The incident happened while she was taking private tutor lessons on Tuesday evening. She caught her shoe in a gap between the lift and the floor and reached in to get her shoe when the elevator suddenly moved and trapped her arm.

Her mother, Mina and other relatives located in Kasarvadavali in western India state of Maharashtra did not realize that Archana’s arm was already missing.

From what she tells us, her footwear got caught in the gap between the lift and the floor. While she was trying to take it out, the lift suddenly started, trapping her left hand,” Narvit Kharpade, Archana’s uncle said in an interview with Mirror.

She was still awake and talking to her relatives as she was being rushed to KEM Hospital in Parel. Unfortunately, her missing arm could not be reattached because there was too much vein and tendon damage.

Her left hand underwent amputation treatment from above the elbow. The child is in stable condition and is undergoing treatment in the orthopaedic department,” Avinash Supe, KEM doctor said.

The police asked the family if they would want to file a complaint but they refused as it appears to be Archana’s fault. Furthermore, the family donated her torn-off arm to be used by cancer doctors who can transplant some bones and tendons into patients.

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