Brave Cop Saves Over 1500 Hurricane Victims While Battling a Terminal Disease

Officer Bert Ramon is a 24-year-old veteran of the Houston Police Department who assisted in the rescue of more than a thousand people during Hurricane Harvey, the best thing about his amazing good deed is that he is battling stage four cancer.

Image from Life Daily

He set out himself into the flood waters and faced intense rain after Harvey landfall in Texas in late August. Within 3 days, Ramon with Houston Lake Patrol division saved over 1,500 people including many seniors and children.

Ramon’s wife, Cindy, was worried about him because he can easily bruise and bleed himself due to his cancer but his husband was so determined in saving many people who are in need.

Image from Life Daily

Seeing the kids, you could see the fear in their eyes, each child had their own expression that I would remember. Some were shivering, some were crying, but each child was different,” Ramon said in an interview with People.

Days later, he drove to Cancer Treatment Centers to receive his chemotherapy treatment for his cancer who unfortunately spread from his colon to his liver and lungs.

Image from Life Daily

Ramon was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer in March of last year, the doctors said he had about six to eight years of living. He went to surgery to remove the tumor and he was placed on desk duty from traffic enforcement as he recovered.

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