Brave Mommy Dog Goes Viral for Risking Life to Save All Puppies from Fire that Burned the House Down

It is so amazing to see that even animals know compassion and love – and would do anything, even risk their own lives, just to save their families and the ones they love.

Take for example this brave mom, a German shepherd who lives in Santa Rosario de Temuco, Chile who recently went viral after risking her own life to save all her 10-day-old puppies from a house that was burned down to the ground.

Photo credit: BOB LUCK / YouTube
Photo credit: BOB LUCK / YouTube

The fire was caused by a car bomb that went off close to the house. As firefighters arrived at the scene, they were amazed to see a dog quickly running in and out of the house – and it must have sensed that the fire truck was the safest haven from the fire because the mommy dog brought her pups there!

The brave mommy dog was able to get all her pups out and was guarding them fiercely on that fire truck, first resisting help even from the vet but she eventually realized that the people were just trying to help. Sadly, one of her pups died due to severe burns but the others are now safe. Even the mommy dog is feeling better.

Photo credit: BOB LUCK / YouTube
Photo credit: BOB LUCK / YouTube

Netizens were touched by the dog’s actions, saying that this was truly the perfect example of what a mom would willingly go through for her kids, whether she’s human or a dog…

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