Teenager Caleb Martin was on his way home from a shift at McDonalds when he chanced upon a man trying to run over a woman lying on the road. Despite feeling terrified at what he was seeing, Martin quickly shouted for the man to stop what he was doing.

The suspect, Kenneth Clinton, was perhaps surprised that someone tried to stop him. He quickly fled the scene.

Martin swiftly called 911 and went to the victim, Jenna Neuman, who turns out to be wounded from two gun shots. Clinton not only shot her twice, he was trying to run her over with his car – luckily, Martin saved her!

The ordeal was not over yet, Martin knew it. So, even while he was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher, he was also helping Neuman to his car. Knowing that Clinton could come back to the scene and shoot them both, Martin drove to his grandma’s house where they waited for help to arrive.

The 911 call was chilling yet it showed just how brave this young man had been.

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