Bride Dies in Tragic Helicopter Crash as She Tried to Surprise Groom with a Grand Entrance to Wedding

Rosemeire Nascimento da Silva, 32, had always dreamed of making a grand entrance to her wedding and surprising her fiancé, Udirley Damasceno, by flying to their wedding in a helicopter but the joyous moment turned into tragedy when the aircraft crashed after hitting a tree due to poor visibility brought about by the weather conditions.

Photo credit: Mirror UK
Photo credit: Mirror UK

Event organizer Carlos Eduardo Batista grew concerned when the bride didn’t arrive at the venue in São Paulo City, Brazil. Upon calling the aircraft company, he was told that the helicopter had taken off on schedule.

After several minutes, Batista received a call from the company that the helicopter had crashed. The crash not only killed the bride, it also took the lives of her brother Silvano Nascimento da Silva, photographer Nayla Cristina Neves who was six months pregnant, and pilot Peterson Pinheiro.

Photo credit: Mirror UK
Photo credit: Mirror UK

Batista thought it best to first tell the pastor instead of the groom. He revealed, “I called the pastor who was at the ceremony and he went with me to try to calm the groom. He was in shock. Then the other guests knew and no one knew how to act. It was a tragedy.

Sadly, the bride received plenty of hate comments on the internet, with many saying that she shouldn’t have done something as risky as going for a grand entrance to her wedding on a helicopter! But, perhaps, it really was her time to go – and the others, too.

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