Wouldn’t it be amazing if parents could have flextime, so that there’s more time, especially in the morning? For parents, mornings are one of the busiest times of their day, especially if they have kids who go to school. If they can, most children would rather stay in and wake up late in the morning–and it’s up to their parents (especially their moms) to make things possible for them not to be late for school.

Even though some parents would even stay up late at night because of work or household chores, I really admire them because they still manage to wake up so early in the morning.

One of the major Japanese TV networks, TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System) has this segment called Jitan Seikatsu Gaido Shou (時短生活ガイドショー), which shares ideas on how to save time in all kinds of ways. In this particular video entitled “How to get your kid ready for school in just 5 minutes”, watch how a mother managed to get her small son out of bed, ready and dressed for school, and make his bento, all in just about 4 1/2 minutes! Isn’t it amazing?

It’s quite hilarious watching the mother and son but despite the wackiness, there are ideas from the video that look really useful. Two thumbs up for them!

Watch and be amazed by these two! Enjoy!

How about you? What time-saving measures are part of your morning routine? Share it with us by dropping your comments below.

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