Would you believe the “baby” in this photo is actually 16 years old? Dubbed by DocuFilmTV as the child who was “frozen in time”, Brooke Megan Greenberg has major physical and cognitive differences from normal kids.

Photo credit: Mirror UK

Photo credit: Mirror UK

Although her “real” age is 16 years, her body remains that of a baby and her mental age is similar to a 9-month or 1-year-old baby. She never grew taller than 30 inches (76 cm) nor weighed heavier than 16 lbs (7.3 kg).

When she was born, her hip was severely dislocated that her left leg bent awkwardly towards the face. This was corrected through surgery. The family thought they had hurdled their biggest problem but they soon realized they were facing something more serious than a displaced hip when Brooke showed very little signs of development.

Doctors were baffled by her condition and could not make a definitive diagnosis. They simply dubbed her condition as “Syndrome X”. Though the doctors believed Brooke only had months to live, she defied the odds and lived on to her teens.

Brook’s younger sister thinks it is a bit odd to have her older sister look like a baby yet the family has come to terms with her condition. However, when people asked how old Brook is, their mother would often say “sixteen”, letting the people fill in the blanks whether they thought she meant 16 months or 16 years.

She died in 2013 at the age of 20, clearly defying the odds but still without confirmation as to what caused her unique condition.

Here’s the documentary about Brook.

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